The Medical Technicians Tool Kits is a comprehensive set of tools for bio-medical technicians and installers.  The individual kits can be purchased separately to augment tools you may already own.

Anti Static Wrist Strap

Brush, Wire

Cart, Case Cart 600

Primary 1 Tool Box w/ Custom Pallet

Primary 2 Tool Box w/2 Custom Pallets    

Punch & Chisel Set (6 pcs.)

Crimper Bolt Cutter 909

Drill Bit Set (13 pcs. w/ metal box)

Drill Extractor Set

Ear Plugs (disposable)

Extension Cord 25' Triple Tap

Electrical 3 Plug Outlet GFCI

File Set (3 pcs.)

Fuse Puller, Medium

Goggles, Uvex Genesis Blue S3240

Goggles, Splash/Flexible Mask

Hacksaw Frame #10

Hacksaw Blades (2 pcs.)

Hammer Ball Peen 16 oz.

Hemostat 5.5" Curved

Hex L B.P. Set .050" - 3/8" BLX13

Hex L B.P. Set 1.27-10mm BLX15M

Knife, Utility + 5 Replacement Blades

Level, Torpedo 9"

Magnetic Pick-Up Telescoping

Mirror Inspection, Magnetic Pick-up

Pliers, 8" Diagonal Cut

Pliers, 8" Long Nose
Pliers, 10" Tongue & Groove

Pliers, 12" Tongue & Groove

Pliers, Retaining Ring 2" O-rings

Pliers, 7" Vise Grip WR

Scraper, Gasket

Screwdriver, Jeweler's 5 in 1

Screwdriver Chapman Kit 7331 SAE/Metric

Screwdriver #1 x 3" CG

Screwdriver #2 x 4" CG

Screwdriver 1/4" x 1-1/2" Stby CG

Screwdriver 3/16" x 4" CG

Screwdriver 1/4" x 6" CG

Screwdriver 5 in 1 CG

Screwstarter 9-5/8" Slotted/Magnetic

Sign, Steris Service Vehicle

Sleeves, Protective 18" (2)

Socket Set 1/4" Drive (13 pc. SAE STD)

Socket Set 1/2" Drive (23 pcs. SAE STD & Deep)   

Solder Iron 35 Watt

Solder, 1 lb Roll

Tag Set, Eraseable

Tape Measure 25'

Tape, Teflon

Tube Cutter 1/8" Thru 1-1/8" OD

Tube Cutter replacement wheel

Wire Stripper w/Lock 10-20 awg stranded

Wire Ties 8" (100 pcs.)

Wrench 11" Auto/Ford Monkey

Wrench 6" Pipe

Wrench 14" Aluminum Pipe

Wrench 18" Aluminum Pipe

Wrench Adjustable (3 pcs. 6", 8", 10")

Wrench Set Combination Flex Metric (12 Pcs.)

Wrench Set Combination Flex SAE (8 Pcs.)

Tool box, Plumbing Electrical

Tool box, Lockout/Foam & Labels

Tags, DO NOT OPERATE (10 pack)


Tags, Green EQUIPMENT IS READY (10 pack)

Padlock, Red (Set of 2 keyed alike) (3 sets)

Padlock, Blue (6 pcs.) (keyed alike)

Tag, Brass for Padlock

Lockout Safety Hasp (6 pcs.)

Lockout Single Pole (2 pcs.)

Lockout Multi Pole (2 pcs.)

Lockout Wall Switch Cover

Lockout Gate Valve, Small (2 pcs.)

Lockout Gate Valve, Large (1 pc.)

Lockout Ball Valve, Small (2 pcs.)

Lockout Ball Valve, Large (2 pcs.)

Lockout Plug, Small

Lockout Plug, Large

Medical Technicians Tool Kit P764332-261

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