Tool Kits with pallets (includes tools)

Choose the tool kit type that describes your work

 All Purpose Tool Kit: The PT24 tool kit (105 tools) is for general purpose repair and maintenance.  The two pallets have 51 pockets.
 Computer Technicians Tool Kit: The SE tool kit (156 tools) is more specific for computer technicians. The three pallets have 92 pockets.
 Installers Tool Kit: The PT55 tool kit (85 tools) was designed for installers of larger equipment.  The two pallets have 41 pockets.
 Large Installers Tool Kit:  The PT1000 tool kit (136 tools) designed for maximum storage capacity for oversized tools.
 Medical Technician Tool Kit: P764332-261 (186 tools) comprised of 5 individual tool kits and the luggage cart.