MTSE Computer Case

• The winged tool pallet design provides 92 tool pockets. 
• The center top tool pallet holds standard screwdrivers, electronic pliers, nutdrivers, chisels, and punches.  
• The winged tool pallets are riveted to the frame of the tool case and were designed to hold nutdrivers, allens, and screwdriver blades.
• The bottom tool pallet has pockets for combination wrenches, adjustables, and larger Channellock® and Vise Grip® pliers. 

 Choose a style

• Parker 8.5 Front Pull wheeled tool case has 4 wheels across the 18" dimension for a wider wheel base allowing the tools to ride in an upright position.
• Side Pull wheeled tool case has 4 wheels across the 15" dimension allowing you to maneuver into tighter spaces.
• Classic wheeled tool case has 2 wheels across the 12" dimension.
• Reverse tool case (no wheels).
• Classic tool case (no wheels).

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